Sunday, June 04, 2006

SuperMega Fiber-Sheep-Knitting-Amish Extravaganza

So I haven't posted in over a week. Sue me. Actually you won't want to sue me after you read this because I'm going to make up for the missed week and then some! I guarantee it! ("I could get a good look at a t-bone by sticking my head......" - some of you are laughing now)

What did you do over Memorial Day Weekend? Cookout? Yardwork? Yawn - wait until you find out what kind of wild and crazy weekend I had with my party friends. Brooke, Nicole (Brooke's friend from Yarns and Fabrications), and I went to.......drumroll.........the Great Lakes Fiber Festival. Jealous? I know you are - or will be once you find out all of the wild and crazy things we did. You know - I've got to get in these escapades before I have children and have to "settle down". But seriously - I know many readers may snicker to themselves at the thought of a Fiber Festival but I had a great time. You can relive it with me below!

Nicole, Brooke, and I left Cicny last Saturday afternoon barreling toward Wooster, Ohio. Brooke's mom lives there (Brooke grew up there) and graciously invited us to stay with her for the weekend. We arrived around 9:00 on Saturday evening and got to meet Midget - pictured below with my knee and foot. Midget was a rescue dog that who had been in four different homes during her three-year life. We don't understand why - she was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met and she helped get me through some Zipper withdrawl!

The Festival

Of course, the obvious draw for us to go to the festival was yarn. But can you believe they had other, non-yarn items to view and buy? Since animals are covered in fiber, there were a lot of them there for sale and show. We made friends with some of them.

Here is an alpaca - I am a big fan of his work.

Next we met an Angora bunny- he was very cute but also very disgruntled. His fur and the heat do not mix well. I am also a big fan of his work and Brooke even bought some of his yarn.

And of course, what would a fiber festival be without sheep. I think the following photographic essay needs no more explaination than the simple captions above each picture:






That's right folks, they were selling roast lamb at the food booth about 25 feet across from the sheep exhibition. I'm sure those of you who grew up on a farm or had chickens in your yard that you ate for dinner are thinking "so what". But we were all pretty creeped out by it. I showed proper respect for the sheep and a hamburger - I mean - it wasn't a Cow Festival.

The fiber festival was to me what an open bar at a wedding would be like to an alcoholic - er - except I had to pay for my yarn. After much debate and browsing I bought two types of yarn.

Below is handspun and hand-dyed wool/silk from Donna's Yarns (I don't know where Donna usually sets up shop - her tags don't have any information.). The brown dye was made from walnut hulls - I thought that was cool. One of the best parts: each skein was $3.00 - so I bought seven skeins. Two tan and five of the dark brown spekled. I have no idea what this yarn should become.
ANNOUNCING THE FIRST EVER ZIPPERIFIC BLOG CONTEST. Post your ideas about what I could make with this yarn in my comment section. I'll look at all the ideas and whoever came up with the idea I end up choosing gets a special prize! It will be knitting/yarn related if you are into that sort of thing and probably food/candy related if you aren't.


The only other yarn I bought has proven to be a bit unruly. Brooke was very self sacrificing and helped me untangle and wind it at the ice cream shop we visited after the festival.


We even gave the yarn its own chair. That got us some strange looks.

Question: What is the best thing about being in an icecream and candy shop at the same time as a birthday party featuring 20 10-year-old boys?

Answer: Watching the boys get to fill up plastic bags with whatever candy they wanted, getting to order any flavor icecream they desired, and eating birthday cupcakes as one boy exclaimed with all sincerity, "This is the BEST day of my LIFE!"


Amish Country
In an effort to top off our wild and crazy Sunday, we went to sin city - er - I mean Amish Country. I thought it was quite interesting that Amish Country is such a huge tourist attraction. It just seems strange that the people who want to separate themselves from the world and keep private are at the center of a craft and antique store mecca. We saw plenty of Amish people, but I told Brooke that I wouldn't be satisfied unless I saw a barn raising. Not wanting to dissapoint, Brooke found me a barn raising. Granted, it was on a post card - but I never specified that the barn raising had to be live and in person So I applaud the effort. Well done, Brookey.

While in Amish Country, Nicole bought an antique spinning wheel she plans to use to make her own yarn. I can't wait to see the fruits of her labor!

Brooke's mom got me this keychain in Amish Country (don't ask what this has to do with being Amish). Wasn't that sweet? Its like she knew I liked Dachshunds or something - its not like I ever talk about them or anything........

Well that is all for now on the trip front. I hope you enjoyed my exploits. Remember, what happens here stays here. Or is that Vegas?


Major accomplishments in knitting world! Brooke and Nicole inspired me to keep pluggin' away on my Market Squares entrelac bag and I got newfound motivation to finish. I finally knit the last stitch on Saturday night. This one was a lot of work, so let me show off a little!


Here it is before I felted it.


And here are a bunch of pictures of it post-felting. Just humor me and take a minute to savor it!

I suppose its like childbirth. You swear you're never doing it again but the lure of a new baby (or new bag) changes your mind. Yes - I started another one.......

But tonight I was informed of a new knitting assignment I need to start on right away - so this may get put onto the back burner. More to come on the details behind my mysterious new knitting assignment.......


Blogger Joy said...

The bag ROCKS! I love how it turned out! Great job finishing it!

10:21 PM

Blogger Brenda said...

If I had known there would be tangled yarn I would have DEFINITELY made it to the yarn festival!

The bag is fabulous! I'm going to have to make one too.

11:10 PM

Blogger brooke t. higgins said...

I'm so proud of you for finishing your bag. And I'm even more amazed and proud that you've already started the second one! You're my hero.

Thanks again for coming along on the wild and wacky Wooster weekend. That's a GREAT picture of Midgie!! :)

10:39 AM

Blogger leslie said...


first of all, I am quite excited that Brooke had her knitting is knotty shirt on! Secondly, I was thinking your yarn might make a good set of mittens and maybe a hat...So far I am the only one that has posted for the contest...does that make me the winner?

9:36 PM


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